The Process Explained

The standard process involved in Panoramus creating a virtual tour for your business takes between 2-3 weeks, below is an overview of the process for a standard project.


Consultation & project requirements
The shoot
The render
The build
Demo tour link
Delivery of your tour(s)

Consultation & project requirements

When you initially contact us, we will discuss your project/requirements, the costs involved, time involved it will take to complete the panoramas and the way it is to be presented online to visitors on your web site. Once we have agreed the project requirements, we will then deliver a total cost for all work, ensuring you are agreed before starting. This may require an on-site visit by our Director of Photography if a multiple location photoshoot.

The Shoot

We will liaise with a member of your company to arrange a suitable time to visit. We will need for you to have your place of business ready for the panoramic shoot. You will need to have the areas that will be included in the tour, clean and ideally clear of people; and tidying up cables, wiring etc. It is best for our photographer to take the photos in the early morning or late afternoon, before sundown. It usually takes about an hour for a photographer to shoot a virtual tour of 4 scenes.

For each panorama we typically shoot 7 shots at 3 different exposures (for HDR), totalling 21 photos, shot in RAW format for the highest quality.

The Render

Digital Edit, HDR Merge, Stitch & Render

Back to the studio with the photographs where our designers will use the latest digital design tools to stitch & render your imagery using Photoshop CS6, Photomatrix Pro, and the latest Pro products from Kolor.

The Build

Build, Controls, Style, Test

Now we have the panorama(s), we build a project to create your custom tour, this includes a free theme customised to match your marketing guidelines. We will embed images, add hotspots, link panoramas together, add floor plan and more, and finally render your tour in flash and html5 (all IOS devices supported; iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mini). Want to know more about our tour interactions

Demo Tour links

When we have completed the tour(s) we will upload to a private area on our website, only available with a special link which we will provide. Here you can view all your panoramas and let us know you are happy with the work, we can then make any final alterations to your panoramas based on your feedback, and repeat this process until you are completely happy with your tour(s).


We will then invoice you by email or fax. All Payments to be made to 'Panoramus Ltd', we will then process your payment and deliver the final panoramas(s).

Delivey of your tour(s)

We will provide a secure link to your final tours on our secure cloud storage (hosted by MediaFire), we can also provide on DVD at no additional cost. We also include all your 360x180 panorama images, as these can be used within your marketing materials.

The Tour can be embedded on to your website, and can be easily styled to fit seamlessly. We recommend the use and IFRAME embed as we can then do all the difficult stuff, eg detecting what version / size panoramic to load and show.

Sample 1 - Apartment

This is a sample line of html used to embed a tour, it automatically detects what player to use for either flash or html5. [820px x 328px]

        style="overflow:hidden; width:820px; height:328px; border: 12px solid #fff;">


Sample 2 - Beach

This is another sample line of html used to embed a tour, showing you can easily change the styling and size of embed, we have set the size and removed the border of the frame. [640px x 480px]

    <div style="width:100%; margin:0 auto; text-align:center;">
        style="overflow:hidden; width:640px; height:480px;">


If you require any technical support on deployment of your tours to your website, we will be glad to help at no extra cost. This requires you upload the tour folder to your web server and link to it via a single line of 'html code' as show above.

We will supply the 'html code' you can simply paste into your website, you just tell us the width and height; don't forget with your free theme it will fit seamlessly into your site.

Our Software

Using the latest graphics software, we are currently using Adobe Creative Suite CS5.

We mainly utiilise Photoshop for photo correction, including object removal, colour, tone, HDR correction, sharpening and other image manipulation techniques that enable us to render amazing panoramics everytime.

Research and investment in the latest and best panorama stitching & rendering products on the market.

We are keen technologists at Panoramus and spend a great deal of time investigating the latest tools and trends in the world of VR, meaning we can offer an "up to date" service.

Our Hardware

Investment in the up-to-date camera equipment enable us to keep on improving our product quality.


By utilising the best hardware to shoot the panoramic photography, we can ensure the best quality for your tours.

This includes both Canon and Nikon cameras, 8mm Fisheye Lense(s), Nodal ninja pano head and tripod, plus a few other pieces of specialised photography equipment.

Along with the latest hardware and software comes our expertise in both the setting up the equipment, as this is key to get great photography. If we are not happy with the results - we will be back to do re-shoot, at no extra cost of course.

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