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Our tours offer an immersive experience, potential buyers can tour your entire property in ease using the latest technology; smartphone, tablet, ipad; all from the comfort of their home.

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We offer many, many tour add-ons & interactions as part of our standard price.
Our tours also work on more devices, including Apple & Android tablets and smart-phones.

Property Virtual Tours

At Panoramus we use the latest technology to ensure our tours are of the highest quality and are available to the widest possible audience; rendered in multiple web formats.

Our tours offer an ideal means by which potential buyers can quickly view your property completely. This will remove time wasters and increase the number of qualified viewers.

Property tour showing 20 panoramas.

The Property for sale is a 5 bedroom house called Redwoods, located on the prestigious Arrowsmith Road, Wimbourne, Dorset, BH21 3BD. The current guide price is £2,695,000, further information is available using the agents link: Southeby's

Click this link to view in a new window (looks much better).

You can also view the same tour rendered using our PTP 1.8 software, we are now using version 2.0.


The Advantages of our Virtual Tours

Fully showcase the property

Our tours allow the users to navigate their way around a property, and get a good understanding of the layout and flow. They can also zoom-in to check decor / fitting & fixtures, using this high-level of detail; they will know if they want a real viewing.

Sell the property quicker

With the increase in the use of tablet(s) and smartphone(s) in every-day life, we render all our tours with this in mind; meaning they work on desktop, netbook, tablet & smartphone - including all Apple devices. We ensure your tour will be available to the highest number of viewers, and in the highest quality.

Easy integration into any website

We deliver your entire tour in a single folder, the tour can then be easily embedded on to your website with a single line of code, and can be easily styled to fit seamlessly. We recommend the use and IFRAME embed as we can then do all the difficult stuff, eg detecting what version / size panoramic to load and show.
The Process

24/7 tour access

Our tours are delivered on DVD for presentations etc, and online to enable 24/7 viewings; this means they are always available; visitors can tour the entire property in high quality from the comfort of their home or office.

Increased level of service

Offering a virtual tour for a client property adds a powerful element to the properties portfolio. Showing real effort has gone into it's production; and means you should get more qualified enquiries, as your first question might be, "Have you seen the virtual tour of property?". They may either respond, "Yes, I thought it was amazing", or "No, I didn't know there was one, can you send me the link.?"

Confidence in You / Avoid wasting time

Before contacting a property agent, a buyer can view the property fully; and understand the layout, decor & quality. The tour shows them all this without even entering the property, and they will be able to make a more informed decision. It will also give them confidence in both the property and the agents, and shows the agents 'thats you' have developed a professional portfolio, and are marketing it in the best manner.

It also gives the potential buyer the chance to ask questions about the property before even requesting a property viewing, meaning you should be dealing with enquiries that are more likely to lead to a final sale and not showing somebody around the property; and them saying 'I dont like the look' or 'this wasnt what I expected'.

Time savers...

Virtual tours save time in a number of ways; for real-world property viewings, staff have to arrange/manage appointments. Our virtual tours can be viewed from virtaully anywhere; from a pc at work or on a tablet at home, and be viewed within a few minutes - we can also supply your tours on DVD at no extra cost; and you can email the tour link(s).

It also means thats buyers who have viewed the tour and want a real-world tour are certainly interested, as they've seen the property in the utmost detail.

Want to know more...?

Interested in finding our further details about our virtual tour offerings, click here, please take the time to view some of the tour(s) we have recently completed.

Call us on 07716 850957 to discuss your property virtual tour.

Southampton Airport
"The local airport you can breeze through"
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Holly Harvey

" Panoramus were a pleasure to work with and very cooperative and flexible to meet our requirements. They exceeded our expectations and we were very pleased with the finished product which was excellent value for money. We would definitely recommend them and hope to use them again in the future. "

Our work?

Creating stunning Panoramic Tours We provide the full suite of photography, digital editing and software services, and have both the photographic & technical skills required to take your Panoramic from concept to stunning online presence.


More Examples...

Full-screen flash & html5 tour samples Below are several links to full screen panoramas / virtual tours that demonstrate the quality of our work.

Virtual Tours (360° x 180°)
PTP 2.0
PTP 1.8
Single Panoramas (360° x 180°)
PTP 1.8

These Panoramas were rendered using the latest technology.

All our tours are viewable on PC, smartphone, tablet and android devices - flash and IOS supported.


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